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Asset Management Group are experienced consultants that are trusted, transformative and transparent. We deliver supporting facts to our clients so they make the appropriate decision in any circumstance, every time.


Our expertise in identifying sustainable investment opportunities is recognised by our clients, while providing customised solutions that align with every investor’s needs.


Asset Management Group offer advice with respect to development opportunities ranging from residential property, commercial property, industrial and hotels, just to name a few.


Asset Management Group service high net worth individuals and companies offering our ideas and viewpoints providing the best advice to help grow their livelihood over time while mitigating risk.

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We find the right sites for our clients to maximise their development potential. 

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We are property consultants as well as licensed real estate agents in NSW.

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We are well versed and competent in construction and property development.

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We have a range of development opportunities for individuals, the enthusiast property developers and for everyday mums and dads.


For developers wanting to secure a development site for your next project, we can assist with showing you our list of development sites that are generally off market and feasible. Our own due diligence and research is done inhouse assuring the site stacks.    

For individuals and everyday mums and dads wanting to leverage their own capital, we can assist by inviting you to invest in property development opportunities with us, to share in unparalleled returns.


For further insight on how to explore these opportunities, kindly fill out the form below and one of consultants will contact you.   

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With so much of the world in chaos, we can only hope and be positive for a great future. But the property market isn't favouring at the moment. 

Median home prices in Sydney could plummet below $1m by the end of next year, which is worrying for many home owners who bought during the lockdowns due to the Corvid19 pandemic, when interest rates were at an all time low. This in turn will create absolute pandemonium for those who have stretched themselves thin and over capitalised. 


According to new Australian Bureau of Statistics and CoreLogic, the median house price at  late February was at $1,410,128. The forecasts show that would drop by almost $200,000 to $1,213,686 by the end of 2023 with a drop of 3% this year and 9% next year.

Published by Asset Management Group 

Sunday, 30 March 2022

Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)


Most owners of large houses and land parcels often think about the possibilities of maximizing the development potential but lack the knowledge and resources and may end up selling to a developer who then reaps all the profits. 

If this is you then we strongly recommend calling us today:


Contact us for a free consultation and we'll inform you on what the possibilities are. If you have minimal debt owing, the suitable zoning, land size and frontage length, we can formulate a partnership and work together. On completion of the project, you'll benefit by receiving the initial valuation of your land and a profit share of the project. 



For clients that wish to partner with us and explore property development opportunities and have sufficient equity, we would advise to release the equity in an offset account, use those funds as a deposit and borrow the remaining for the balance for the costs of the project. 


We will manage the entire project from start to finish engaging qualified consultants to bring the project to fruition and upon completion share in the project profits. 

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